Toe By Toe

Toe By Toe is a literacy intervention program designed specifically for struggling readers. It was developed over 25 years of practical research and is used in many countries around the world.

I have been using Toe By Toe with hundreds of students over the last 15 years and have seen amazing results! Every student who participates in Toe By Toe will increase their reading age and as a result, their confidence will skyrocket.

Toe By Toe is a systematic phonics based program which encourages students to decode words rather than memorise or guess them. Toe By Toe starts at the very beginning and uses nonsense words and a unique syllable division to help students sound out what they are reading. Of course, English being English, there are some words we cannot sound out and need to know the look of, and we work with those as well.

Due to the constant reinforcement and overlearning in Toe By Toe, students become more confident with the written word and are excited to learn. The students who participate in Toe By Toe learn the skills and strategies for decoding words and using spelling rules for sounding out and spelling difficult words.

Every student on Toe By Toe will progress at their own pace but all will improve their reading age, which in turn helps their spelling and comprehension. Student results will vary but in the hundreds of students I have worked with over the years, the results have been outstanding.

I have no hesitation in saying that I believe Toe By Toe can change a child’s life!

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