About Us

After 15 years in the public school system, it was clear to us that there are many students missing key knowledge about reading, for any number of different reasons. Reading Connections was founded on the principle that every child should have the opportunity to enjoy the magic of reading. As Dr Seuss said:

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.

We totally believe in this philosophy and through this passion, Reading Connections was born!



Sue Austin


Sue Austin has been working in literacy intervention for more than a decade, fast becoming a highly sought after specialist in her field. Following her work in the school system, she is proud to be bringing her expertise and knowledge to Reading Connections.

Sue’s main passion is advocating for better education opportunities for students with learning differences, particularly those struggling with reading. She is so passionate about the cause, she has completed post-graduate study in Learning Differences, specialising in dyslexia and inclusive classroom practice and is undertaking a Masters of Education (Reading and Literacy)

Being an Authorised Toe-By-Toe Tutoring Consultant, Sue has worked with hundreds of students in her 15 years in the field, helping them to develop confidence in their reading and working with them to reach their full potential.

Seeing students overcome their learning challenges inspires Sue to continue this valuable work, resulting in the creation of Reading Connections.

As a part of her work with the program, Sue has trained hundreds of individual tutors and schools around Victoria in implementing Toe-By-Toe, including for the Rowville CRT Network, Holmesglen TAFE, and the Victorian Principals’ Network, as well as many schools around the state.

We are so excited to have the opportunity to bring our knowledge and expertise to a wider audience.

Sue inspired the adult learners at every presentation, and truly made a difference by opening up their understanding of the impact that a single person can have on young students.
— Heather T, Co-ordinator, Holmesglen TAFE