Toe By Toe is a systematic, phonics-based decoding program that helps students struggling to read by de-mystifying the English language. By taking them back to the basics of phonic knowledge and consolidating their understanding of spelling rules and syllable division, students develop confidence in their reading. Throughout the duration of the program, students develop a sound understanding of how to decode text, allowing them to improve not only their reading, but also their comprehension, writing and spelling skills.

As Authorised Toe-By-Toe Tutoring Consultants, Reading Connections have many years of experience and training, making us Victoria’s leaders in the program. Our Director Sue has been working in consultation with the company for many years now and continues to ensure that students are afforded the opportunity of working with such a life-changing program.

But don’t just take our word for it…

We are very happy to recommend Sue Austin as an authorised Toe By Toe Tutoring Consultant. Sue has been a passionate and committed advocate of our methods for over 15 years. Her work in the field of literacy intervention using the Toe By Toe program has helped thousands of students around Melbourne gain the precious gift of literacy. Her work with individual students has been exemplary and many more students’ lives have been changed for the better as a result of her consultancy service for educational institutions.

We can highly recommend Sue to anyone looking for one-on-one intervention for their child, or to schools looking to improve their reading intervention strategies. Sue’s professional development sessions on the Toe By Toe program are truly inspiring and offer practical solutions to literacy intervention concerns. If your child has a reading problem, Sue will surely change your child’s life…”
— Frank Cowling – Managing Director, Toe by Toe Ltd in the UK