So you have a question…

You might find the answer here!

What makes you different from your run-of-the-mill tutor?

Reading Connections are specialists in reading intervention. We are experienced and highly trained in our field, with more than a decade of experience in education, focusing on evidence-based reading programs.

If you’re looking for someone to help you out with extension maths or VCE French, we probably aren’t the team for you.

We know our strengths and our strengths are READING!

But… Why just reading?

Reading is the foundation… of everything!

As we might have mentioned, reading is our specialty. We can help your child discover the magic of reading and through this, their confidence will skyrocket.

We want to celebrate you and your child’s success!! Sometimes our challenges can hold us back, and we are all about making sure that no child is left behind with reading. Reading Connections are working with more support-based programs, but if you’re looking for an extension program, there are lots of options out there for you.

is reading connections an extension program?

Will my child improve?

Short answer: YES!

Long answer: Every child is different, so every learning journey is different. We all work at our own pace, so we tailor our lessons to suit your child’s learning style. Although the results might be a little bit different for everyone, every child will succeed.

Yes! Most children who struggle with reading don’t enjoy it. This program will improve your child’s confidence and you will see a huge improvement. Our only complaint so far has been ‘My son won’t stop reading!! Help!’ (100% a real comment!)

my child doesn’t like reading. COULD this help?

No. We all need a holiday and when else are kids supposed to watch the latest Lego Movie? And of course, those blanket forts won’t make themselves!

Do lessons run through the school holidays?

English is 1000% the hardest language to learn. Children who are learning English for the first time are already overwhelmed with how tricky it is. Whilst our program can be used for people with English as a Second Language that are struggling with reading, our programs are not designed for teaching English as a language.

is this an EAL program?

From the very minute Sue started to speak, I knew I needed to know more and that I had no other option than to seek her guidance and become involved in the amazing support program she offered to children in levels 3 to 6.
From that day forward, I developed a relationship of trust and respect and very quickly learnt that Sue was passionate in everything she believed in. Sue’s dedication to not only her students, but to every staff member, volunteer or parent always extended far beyond her position description. Sue was always very approachable and I never felt like an interruption to her work as she was extremely supportive, engaging and super organized.

I feel very lucky that our paths have crossed and privileged to have been mentored by someone whom I believe is one of the best. I know that for years to come our relationship with certainly grow from strength to strength and I pray that some day I will be fortunate enough to work alongside this outstanding professional again.
— Nikki L, Toe By Toe Tutor